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General Information

Rinnova plus frax is the most advanced technology for the treatment of skin laxity, thanks to the triple radiofrequency delivery mode to increase the thermal level in the dermis (the principle of diathermy) that allows to treat multiple needs of the skin of the face and body: we can stimulate the cell metabolism, drain puffiness and dark circles, stimulate collagen and elastin for a more toned and relaxed appearance. We can improve shrink pores, giving a brighter look, restructure and smooth wrinkles, stretch marks and post acne tissues.

The technology

The monopolar radiofrequency capacitive stimulates cellular metabolism triggering the action of the fibroblasts for the production of collagen type 1(repair collagen ) and promotes drainage of the circulatory and lymphatic system to have a more fleshed and harmonious appearance.
The bipolar resistive compact the surface of collagen fibers to smooth the texture and improve skin firmness.
The multipolar resistive fractionated radiofrequency promotes progressively permanent mechanism of re-consolidation of the collagen fibers; this mechanism occurs with a complete skin renovation and in a very fast way thanks to the high energy that increases the skin temperature to 60°C in few milliseconds.

What is the Plus compared to similar technology of Competitors?

It’s the only Radiofrequency technology in the world that combines the monopolar, biopolar and fractional effect and therefore has the possibility to reach long lasting results in few sessions. Rinnova plus frax  provides significant results from the first application.

What is recommended to do before the treatment?

Nothing, the treatment can be performed at any time and on any skin type, except in presence of injuries or skin irritations.

Is it painfull?

The  monopolar and bipolar emissions are absolutely painless, indeed are relaxing and enjoyable treatments. The fractional mode may be slightly annoying because it will use higher levels of energy, however, guarantees more visible and lasting results.

Does the treatment involve a recovery time?

There is no recovery time, however, may manifest some “micro wheals” due to high energy generation in the tissue; such events are completely resorbed within a few days.

In which cases the treatment with Rinnova Plus Frax is recommended?

The treatment is for those who want to maintain and restore skin elasticity, counteracting the age, in a non invasive, safe and natural way.

Is the treatment safe?

The treatment is absolutely safe because it is based on a physiological process and cutaneous stimulation

How many sessions are needed?

The routes vary according to the subjective response, the objectives to be achieved and the initial situation. However, the results are visible after every single application and improve progressively session after session.




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