What is Med Contour


The idea is as genius as simple...

...ultrasound focused and connected in the subcutaneous tissue destroys fat cells without damaging skin and tissue.  Med Contour is PROVEN to be the best and first RIGHT alternative to surgical liposuction! Get rid of fat pads quickly, simply and painlessly.   

For Clients Med Contour is:

  • Currently the only device in the world ensuring permanent results!
  • Instantly visible results –  an average volume decrease by 2,5 cm right after the first session
  • 100 % safe – certified by the strictest agency in the world for testing quality of medical products and devices - FDA approved!
  • Pleasant – the most pleasant body-shaping treatment. NO RECOVERY TIME  – THE SO CALLED "IN & OUT" treatment or a "lunch break" treatment
  • Proven to be the best body-shaping treatment in the world!
  • The first treatment of this kind in Rijeka, Istria and Primorje


Med Contour is a new specially developed ultrasound device that uses both low and high ultrasound frequencies enabled by TWO powerful ultrasound heads integrated into the applicator, vacuum and a special probe for lymphatic drainage.   

Med Contour features its own patented technology.

Only does Med Contour have two ultrasound heads set to each other at an angle of 135 degrees, a vacuum and applicator for opening lymphatic nodes and lymphatic drainage.

Med Contour is also the only patented device in the world that vacuums the tissue and with the help of a variable low-frequency and focused ultrasound allows a supervised treatment.  

Thanks to its special technology it can penetrate and treat the tissue more deeply. Moreover, it provides the highest safety degree unlike many other not certified devices on the market. 

Med Contour is the first device in the world with an integrated probe for lymphatic drainage offering a full treatment without any risks. Forget about liposuction, classic cavitation, hard and unhealthy diets and try out a Med Contour treatment with which you’ll get an instant result as many others have had before. 



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From the media : http://www.extravagant.com.hr/article/82/med-contour

Popular Dr Oz Show presented astonishing results of Med Contour /Vaser Shape! TAKE A LOOK!

You can get more details on Med Contour on the official Med Contour website


Before-after results